LogoWorks Saga UPDATE:

What The Logo Mills Don’t Want You To Know - by Robert Wurth

Don’t Touch That Logo!! - by Robert Wurth

The Blogosphere—Open Discussion or Affirmation and Argument? Rob Marsh, VP Customer Experience for LogoWorks gets into the conversation which draws others in to ask some pointed questions (still unanswered at this point).

The LogoWorks Straw Man by Robert Wurth - Now it’s a year later and LogoWorks is still trying to polish their tarnished image within the design community. They’ve recently posted a series of supposed “myths” about their operations, followed by their version of the “facts.” Unfortunately, they’ve distorted or invented some of the chief complaints against them so that they can create the answers they want. This practice is called a “straw man argument.”

The LogoWorks Straw Man, by Robert Wurth on Designers who Blog

LogoPalooza with "Don’t even know what to say about this… Yet another Logoworks ‘love child’ web site is making the rounds".

Susan Kirkland Goes off on LogoWorks Brand Grand Theft

Jeff Fisher with Taking another look at a high profile "logo mill"

Summary of the LogoWorks Saga

1) A discovery of a logo in the LogoWorks company portfolio which is a direct rip from a logo by Mark Fox - LOGOWORKS.com or LOGOWORST.com?

2) HOW forum members look closely at LogoWorks and come up with more, which are included in LOGOWORKS.COM RIP-OFFS.

3) 'The Prepared Mind' becomes the top blog/podcaster during the saga, coining the phrase 'LogoWorks or LogoJERKS?'

4) Jeff Kearl, CMO of LogoWorks steps in and starts posting on the HOW mag forum. The exchange quickly deteriorates. "Now you went and pissed our designers off."

5) Jeff Kearl, CMO of LogoWorks threatens Von with "Vonnie boy should start checking his mailbox in the next day or two. I learned in one of my communications law classes that the only defense for libel is... drum role, you guessed it... the truth."

6) Interview with a LogoWorks designer "I know for a fact that a regular practice is to find a logo that already exists and merely change it a bit and send it off.."

7) LogoWorks states they are putting better checks and balances into play, but "our sheer volume (over 30,000 customers) makes this issue particularly challenging for us" will indeed be an interesting challenge. I imagine many people around the internet will be watching to see what exactly gets put into place as it seems a near on impossible task to accomplish given their business model (see Robert Wurth's article LogoWorks: Who is to Blame? for a rounded look at the problem).


The Logoworks Saga ...

Almost since the beginning of the LogoWorks saga it was a constant back and forth on the HOW forum and around the internet in places, with one side feeding off the other, each getting snarly at times. Some logos put forward as examples were exact copies. Some I felt should not have been presented but hey, everyone was on a roll. Great comments came out about the industry, and some pretty crappy ones too. Swords were crossed. Friendships extended. It was all rather strange.

I'm not sure how I would have stood up under the same fire, but instead of denying, pooh poohing, throwing veiled (and not so) threats of a lawsuit, losing it on the HOW forum and getting stroppy, then marching around the internet saying we are just a small group of 'malicious designers', perhaps this could have been nipped in the bud from the get go?

Jeff Kearl, CMO of LogoWorks: They are malicious “ ...all of those postings are written by a handful of designers that resent our business model. They feel we are devaluing the graphic design industry because we charge so little for what we do. Our model is disruptive ... a small number of graphic designers don’t see it this way and are trying to blog us to death. They are malicious.”

Are we malicious designers? No. We may be pissed off designers with still to be answered questions, but malicious and pissed off are not the same. As designers, we felt we had the right to ask. We felt we had the right to an honest response from Logo Works. We felt we had the right to push the issue on an open platform, which we did.

And if you look at the many links below you'll find it was not a 'handful' of designers at all.

LogoWorks Saga: Starting at the beginning

HOW Design Forum LOGOWORKS.com or LOGOWORST.com? 'Bad Design Kills'

Letter To Whom it may concern
"As a veteran graphic designer of 19 years and owner of my own design firm I felt obligated to comment regarding Rhonda Abrams blatant Thumbs Up™ for LogoWorks.com. Your readers, small business owners, start-ups and the like should reconsider the overt praise Rhonda heaped upon LogoWorks.com and their services."

"Since first addressing this issue I have personally been accused of lying and threatened with a lawsuit by Arteis the parent company of both LogoWorks.com and InstaLogo.com. Many other designers have found other clear rip-offs as well and have posted them on the HOW Design Forum."


HOW Design Forum more 'instalogo' goodness

HOW Design Forum LogoWorks: what it means

Graphic Design Forum LogoWorks or LogoJERKS?

Mompreneurs Online Forum Buyers beware: Logoworks stinks

'The Prepared Mind' was the top blog keeping up with the LW saga
LogoWorks or LogoJERKS?

LogoWorks: set the record straight
More LogoWorks’ greatest rips?
An open letter to the Wall Street Journal

The LogoWorks controversy rages on


Two LogoWorks designers speak

LogoWorks backs out of Friday podcast

Podcast #8: Robert Wurth, improving designer/client relationships

Top articles on the subject

Creative Latitude Dear Ms Bounds

Creative Latitude LogoWorks: Who is to Blame?

Anthony Yap | SEO expert Reputation and Brand Management Online

Thomas Kryton Examining the mythology

Commpiled LogoWorks: Who is to Blame?

A Designers Archive
Pistols and Swords at Dawn
Dear Laura Ries
Putting it into Perspective
Beating LW at their own Game
Etreme X Copies

Taking a bite out ot LogoWorks

Jason Santa Maria Automation Will Kill Us All

Blogs with something to say

Logopalooza Those Logoworks fellas up to it again… "Appears that Logoworks have begun posting via blogs on a number of their ’shell’ sites, most notably logodesign.com (recently purchased from another party who now run logomagic.com) as well as businesslogos.com (while it claims to be owned by Business Logos Inc., if you look under the hood it appears to be just another Logoworks site in different clothing, and pricing) ... Both have been cranking out post after post extolling the virtues of, you guessed it, Logoworks. This has the sum effect of knocking the relevance of any other blogs that might happen to be less favorable of LW, especially on Technorati, which keeps a farily instant track of what’s being posted in the Blogosphere.

UnBeige No Logo The Logoworks fiasco has been an ongoing, very interesting read. The story is kind of your basic good vs. evil, except, like all things in real life, very muddled. Comes down to this company, Logoworks, who will design a logo for your company on the cheap. Really cheap. Some designers on a HOW Magazine forum, already kind of bewildered by these kinds of companies, like most designers are, started seeing duplicates in Logoworks' catalogs, i.e. they were copies of ones already in use by other companies, i.e. plagerism.

CreativeGuy LogoWorks: Who is to Blame? Robert Wurth has written a great article at Creative Latitude offering insight into LogoWorks, a company which provides cheap logos and uses freelance designers to accomplish its task

Jack Yan I was referred to this page, which deals with some of the practices at LogoWorks, one such company at issue. Scroll to near the bottom of the page for some humdingers which, in my professional legal opinion, come far too close to some existing work. One is in the shape of an X. Caveat emptor, but it’s going to be hard going against certain attorneys.

Mike Davidson: Originality in Logo Design Originality in Logo Design

V2 design-management.de The case of LogoWorks

Dan Century Excuse me while I borrow your logo

AC/OS Open sourcing your logo They can argue that this is the fault of the designer who supplied the logo, but that doesn't really cut it - it is Logoworks that is selling the design to the client, and as such they are responsible for supplying something that is fit for the purpose it is being sold for.

The ZehnKatzen Times [design] Whither Logoworks?

Dimitris Giannitsaros Logo second thoughts

Thomas Kryton, Examining the mythology Logoworks, Examining the mythology

youcantdesign logoworks.com part III

Designorati Borrowed Logos, a Symptom of Market Void?

IP Lawsuits "Cheap" Logo Design Can Be Costly

Blogs spreading the news in the Blogsphere

chris rush cohen Are Online Logo Companies Getting Their Trademark Infringement On?

PandaPause Design Thieves vs Posse

Marketing and Advertising Tips for Small Business Being Logo Wise Does Size Matter?

You Can't Design Logoworks.com

vol 2 Design Management Logos, Design and the marketing perspective | The case of LogoWorks

Creative Expression Borrowed Logos: A Symptom of Market Void?

MT Law Blog Logo Rip-Offs?

antinomian.com Logoworks: Schadenfraude on a Tuesday

Evolution of Intelligent Design Logoworks: Stay Tuned

Hastings Interactive A depressing article highlighting the commoditization of design

Cat's Eye Creations Logo Design Chop-Shop?

If Else Log Logoworks.com rip-offs

The Design Weblog Ernst and Young logo rips and many more by Logoworks

Graphic Define LogoQuirks

Feeder LogoRIPS

Dan Century Excuse me while I borrow your logo

An incomplete list from around the internet

Boing Boing Bad Design Kills has a side-by-side comparison gallery of logo rip offs

Mike Davidson - excellent article on logo design Originality in Logo Design

The Designers Guild of Ireland Make or break in designer/client relationships

GAG (Graphic Artists Guild) Newsletter (is the GAG out of touch?) LOGO MILLS

typophile Blatant Plagiarism / Infringment

AIGA Hall of Shame

Hasematzel LOGOWORKS.COM RIP-OFFS Was passiert, wenn man damit wirbt, Logo und CI "schnell und günstig" zu erstellen.

donloper Create Your Own Logo! and Other Mistakes

Andy Rutledge LogoWorks.com has been ripping off real logos. Shame.

247 News Design Resources is the latest article at rohdesign

Planning shop Moral Values?

Cameron Moll linkage How LogoWorks.com can charge so little for logo design?

Not so common cents LogoWorks Underfire for their Logo Work

The Creative Forum Logo Chop-shop = Logoworks?

Graphics.com Another designer challenge: plagiarism

eric hill Bottom-feeder design hacks must die

Business owners idea cafe "Buyer beware! Discount logo houses..."

Graphic Design Meetup LogoWorks or LogoWorst?

Designers lounge Logojerks?, Stolen designs a way of doing business?

designers-network Check out this blatant plagerism

Graphic Design Meetup This is something that concerns all of us...

adland badland: Making (logo) copies an art

platinax.co.uk "Branding Guru" Smackdown!

alt.design.graphics (google groups) LogoWorks or LogoWorst?

All Graphic Design Disturbing News in the Blogosphere about Logoworks!

NewsMob Design Resources

AIGA Los Angeles Hall of Shame | LOGOWORKS.COM

Art Forum - LogoWorks LogoWorks

Under Consideration Von speaks about LogoWorks

forum4designers LogoWorks or LogoWorst?

Designers Lounge Logojerks?, Stolen designs a way of doing business?

Fire On Design LogoWorks or LogoJERKS?

graphics.com Another designer challenge: plagiarism

graphics.com Another designer challenge: plagiarism

worth1000 LogoWorks stealing logos?

steeldolphin-forums LogoWorks

metacool Brand Doppelgangers


NewsMob Chris Gee's recent posts cover the LogoWorks story

Daven.se Making (logo) copies an art

Kinja LogoWorks backs out of Friday podcast

antinomian.com Schadenfraude on a Tuesday

adholes LogoWorks or LogoWorst?

JeffCroft.com LogoWorks.com: Rip Off Artists?

Graphic Define LogoQuirks

Be a design group Is change good?

techno Oops?” Busted!

Small Business Brief The definition of plagiarism

SU Designers forum LogoWorks=totally unethical practices?

ClarkHoward LogoWorks: Clark's Advice stinks

graphic forum another one bites the dust

Cameron Moll How LogoWorks.com can charge so little for logo design?

metafilter suckiness of LogoWorks.com?


Hello World LogoWorks: The plumber with the leaky pipes

cleverblog Logoworks.com, online hack-design services

Yahoo Groups LogoWorks or LogoWorst?



Planet HCI



Quite strange, Logo Works ripoff has been number one and number two on technorati | logoworks for the past week.

Coudal Partners A handy breakdown of the LogoWorks saga
Coudal picks up on Design Observer picking up on 'A Designers Archive'

Paul Schreiber
logoworks scam

The ZehnKatzen Times
Professional designers cry NO!SPEC

Andy Rutledge DESIGN: How not to design logos.

Design View picks up on Boxes and Arrows picking up on 'A Designers Archive' digg The Logoworks Saga

Logo design company gets called on ripping logo designs for use in their InstaLogo interface and on-line battle ensues.

Nordic Design Blog Do you digg? taftafaia Do you digg?

2005-09 LOGOWORKS.COM RIP-OFFS [BadDesignKills.com/LogoWorks]

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